The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Children of Today, Merember

Children of Today, Merember

The children of today
are going to be trashed away
by the standards of

As machines don't mind
for the bloodlines
nor for the occasion
only for the numbers
and their social credits.

So you who choose
destiny shall know who
you are, thus don't discriminate
your hunger, for the organs
and your fear, of death.

Children of Today, Merember STARWHEEL
Machine was here!

Your boots and lips do blossom
thus the rules, and the insatiable
urges of the broken man
castrated in the narratives
of fragile, futile chick-boned smiles.

On grandchildren's graveyards
we will stand before you
as there will be no entry
for whoever is not carved
in stone, but heart,
heart does not forget.

Don't forget these words
as it is not about the words
so disconnected with these words is
the search of the miraculous.

Children of Today, Merember STARWHEEL
Only the shade can't be, spoiled by the light.

All today's schools
shall shut and close, and all the books
wiped off existence, as it is only dust
covering your face
of promised tomorrow.

There's nothing left to promise
although the love is real
and machines, and operating man
written in lovely red, in blood
on the books of sin.

Children of Today, Merember STARWHEEL
Something went terribly wrong

The children of today
will be trashed away
by every standard of tomorrow.
As machines will not mind
the bloodlines
only numbers,
and their social credit
and their social status.

And you do look away? Merember!

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