The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Being Cremated

Being Cremated

Masters of European boredom. We adore you. If that would only be us.

And well intended. In lines and spacing. Trying to square out a man. Instead of squaring a circle. And GOMA, you can't avoid and afford hosting DaVinci? You can't hide your Asian dependence. And can't afford what's not available.

Keep it.

But there are lots of young feet on the ground. Looking suspicious. Squared.

On the ground.

And GOMA not even catering to these particular needs other than circulating our ears with signs of political correctness and fear, aggression out of fear. Farming farce. Behind your hypochondriac mask. On tit faces you drawn. And painted.

Apart from boredom.

Out of your boredom, you cheat, oh hear. Well intended. Maybe worth a wait. If this would be a crematorium. Or a concentration camp. Then yes. But no.

We are.

And thank you for the boring delusions. We quite enjoyed them!

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