The longest journey begins with an open Heart

If that would only be me

If that would only be me


combak is a scam as any other

Happened to be.

Planetary scale computation doesn't discriminate according to intent or content. Its usage doesn't reveal anything of the like. The political changes aided by information technology are assumed to fall well within the scope of internationalization. And revolutions are named, for example, after Face**k or Titter.

We have been turned into dots and rare instances, with our political identities marked on statistical scales, and graphs, and hospitalizations. And we make fun of how we have been turned into dots on these maps, and how there is no interest in understanding more deeply what these statistical dots are and to what a degree they relate to us, as to the living human beings.

We don't gain in understanding, and there's a lack of the humanities which aren't as integrated in the study of the web as they should be ..

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