The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Mosquito's Way

Mosquito's Way

How stupid it is to post every stupid idea that comes to one's mind on some social media platform. It is like having a really good dinner, eating, and at the same time puking it away on some wall nearby. Just think about all the exquisite guests vat the dinner table. Just imagine their faces. And not to forget all classical manners and bonton.

But today is a special day. At least for me.

If I may be. As every 2-3 months I just had a good old fashioned haircut by the sunset. And that is enough. As that is a very dangerous business. But I gave it a way. If that is only me.

While all ear are still there and the face unharmed, eyes not blind. Not yet. So be it. And beat it. In Lansborough, on Mosquito way. There is where you won't find me. Ever. Will send you the postcard. Use it if you may 🙂