The longest journey begins with an open Heart

The Ultimate Stench of Capital Strives in Passing

The Ultimate Stench of Capital Strives in Passing

"THIS ULTIMATE STENCH OF CAPITAL THRIVES IN PASSING FROM BODY TO BODY, as though an uncontainable viral flu." ~ said Muhammad from Multan, Pakistan, a migrant worker employed by the previous US military supply, now casual worker at Hilton in Abu Dhabi, earning 900 DHL a month.

The Ultimate Stench of Capital Strives in Passing STARWHEEL

Next time you go to woolies, darling, get a few of those, augmented boobies.

As Long As

As long as something exists – natural child-bearing, caring for one’s elderly parents, faith, philosophy, love, friendship, they'll consider it as a threat and thus attempt to tag it with price in order to subdue it's substance or wipe it out of existence. We've been witnessing it for years, in all areas close to human heart.

As civilisation does develop, we need keeping on mind that eagles, snakes, bees and ants were of similar civilisatory growth in their own time and none of them has passed the test of their age, thus fallen into a lifeless systemisational decay, thus unable to further develop a full potential of life form. We're always a stepping stone. It is necessary to bring your vision through the walls of immediate limitations that the systemic forces are imposing by the rules of pure survival. Or you will one day become a farm bred, incapable of ever remembering your true nature.

The Ultimate Stench of Capital Strives in Passing STARWHEEL

Danes je neclovesko vreme.
Be boj se prijatelj,
sele jutri bo horda zdravnikov.

Naples coming out of it. At least, out of it's rubbish. Did it?

Are we clear on the population of Paris?

Logika je stroj; lahko jo prepustimo njej sami; ne da bi ji pomagali, bo prisilila tiste, ki so navzoči, da izčrpajo snov.

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