The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Datura Andromeda

Datura Andromeda

Hi. You told about Datura to fire spirit. To get it inflamed.


It's other people, environment, that overly profitted so much, that for instance others, other former friends overly profitted too much, then some used it to exploit until money reasons or else. That alone was killing enough or too much, so by total content of that alone then too soul destructive.

Therefore it's a nonsense you told. Wasn't even enabled to possibly get there but had those false friends obstacles.

I'm a remnants once been being, old soul destructed, idiotic new net Medio people naively would jump on old track when getting so one fewest remained parts of old construct.
Sun from previous pralay, indian rishi said.

Old killing not possible ways would be taken up again by those new false friends (like a modern Michael being recently just wrote something, what an outcome… Yet that's their/his effects of pre internal this life, this cycle things ).

So, let go, forget everything or no projections might be better. No thx from my side.

Datura Andromeda STARWHEEL

Now is now.

Already had school friend who had inflamed sinuses, sinusitis. What I cured them with him. Obviously by later things.

I'm not destructive, in contrary.

On contrary Neo.

Nondestructive is thy force. I've been there once and am observant to the path still needing to undertake. As the vision was observant. It encompassed the being's limitations. It is poison, indeed, but non-destructive.

Datura Andromeda STARWHEEL

Good to hear from you.

Not into regret mode, to avoid 😌.

Isn't your fault, all this.

Not enforcing certain previous lines of information. better to allow life.

You know.

And to great extent is is your fault.

As other too high persons letting others starve and don't talk directly personally, all else is against truth so far. Know what the system literally no harsh words get it your own mind such things, it's these mechanics that also you used, others much more, but you and others know about.

Don't have very high opinion about you people. Net people who live on others basis. In some form or the other.

Therefore you went/ go towards these problems and tendencies. Same or worse there's other behaviours in friends or such been effective facts.

It's a lousy resonance too getting about today, don't help at help, in contrary.

And overheated too by it.
Not my thing, not of interest for me or environment.

And there is lots of consciousness therefore missing on your side if all that drastic things happened.

Order&progress in realistic been possible ways, not too idealistic or other over extreme
greedy yoga people involved, therefore here mechanics worked that much.

Positivism and it's efforts is quite different to what experienced recent years from most sides.

Datura Andromeda STARWHEEL

A man who was in the wild suddenly came across a tiger. He ran for his life, but the tiger was hot on his heels. He slipped off the edge of a cliff and grabbed onto a bundle of grass for dear life with his feet dangling in the air.

He looked up to see the tiger growling at him, and when he looked down, there were three dragons growling at him. He was in despair as his life literally depended on the bundle of grass.

At that moment, a white mouse and a black mouse appeared out of nowhere and started to chew on the bundle of grass. He suddenly saw a fresh strawberry nearby, and with one hand hanging on to life, the other hand reached for the strawberry. He brought it to his mouth and tasted it: “Delicious!”

The story advises everyone that life is short and full of suffering. Therefore, you must cultivate to obtain liberation.

Modern quotes, drastic or too refined art looking glasses idiotic people - or about evalueing words or not, what to criticize and if and what, just BS.

They or you can't even handle nor bring any good back about those basics of those profitting life most changing effects been. Like those talents written in the Bible.

how prana organises own development, and it's much to be relativated development apart from all persons around who do not do breath/prana work, especially it's stretching beyond, you people used it for public reasons, how disgusting political.

to cool down, there might be solutions: though never using tobacco, normally, as it seems to be main overheating reason besides others, even if used on a small regular basis, there then to add: sneezing by nose very few menthol crystals/powder cools definitely down, effects lungs , nose and all-over on physical basis.

Yet seldom to use, there is a natural items added with little eucalyptus and fewest almond oil, took that. If doing it only that way, lung cools down and yet: by resonances gathers a cold if related with prana.

Therefore some other application to balance or to compensate, with mild pepper, called Kava Kava, which acts rather like a cinnamon, not being on aggressive side, rather small dosage of few lunatic application. Got a small bong for that, yet no other such usages planned. Otherwise cold alike near virus items would have tendencies to be hidden. To get that out. It's its dosage that makes it. And obviously just on a temporary basis of some few days to about 10-14 days might de-block one's organism to enabling to cool down again. Kava can be combined with nux vomica (which Sivananda used and described in at least one of his book). Boiling one and small pieces. Though the modern nowdays frequency being of S., met at yv, he ate Haribo gums containing pig gelatine in the ashram. Some years ago. It's dosage seemingly, and tobacco is difficult to get for me, very unusual this. Weather is related to physical estate, not just mental, and connected by persons living at other places.

Old connections alike normally all vanished due to that developments, whilst there wasn't wanted to let me/old-other-different-being survive this. all old re-connects would have reconnective killing effects on me, by experience, that old soul construct was made alike by others, not willingly by me.

Problems implications others often don't know, not explaining everything always, who does. As it might have reasonable applications here, also for environments,, it's of well use though! Writing neutrally about, being too nice is not supportive, and people just want to live on somehow nowadays.

And besides: others reading my resonance, mirroring effects, is beyond or let's say by different unavailable understanding: There was hi-jacker in yv, gave substances to him calculatively get on even levels, then he went south, Austria, year by year he took sun contents of life, him acting as light himself (sunyoga plus audiovisual taplining glasses, a others fooling light to differentiate from real natural sun). Having other wakefulness, (not this cycle, which is already long gone), yet understood by others layers, yet life is still earth based, no woman by effects even near in last 18 months therefore cause his effects.

Needs some earth elements, accumulation of earth, people around, not possible now, just getting save through this winter, it's minimalist life,different shape, bit difficult resonance, yet least corona place. Glasses of hijacker and only small parad stone, according indian yoga, just lead to a culmination of everything been fooled, as matter follows frequency..

Offline now somehow. No PPL, no satsangs to watch, it's meant to get starved, yet perhaps finding way out.

Blocked cause of other places already well known mechanics literally still being around.

Datura Andromeda STARWHEEL

It's Tibetan functions, mainly, that waether things.
If it works, there's possible other steps as these things effect. It's still rather small effects relatively what then could be done in quality, think that nobody planned that..

Wise to not immediately answer, to not enforce connection line. I wait at least weeks, months.

technics.. just saw little writing part. .. that Austrian guy gave substances to others.

Datura Andromeda STARWHEEL

menthol seems a problem, if not second item, just got menthol since few days.

Re-contacted mother of that hijackass, cause him farest possibly off beyond .. .
He came lighting eyes next days, morning, it's else/opposite then others water element.

Therefore he fooled all. By light.

Consequences r that scarcely survived today, physical tissues around heart, that area just dissolves few days after that.

Can't die obviously, cause had 0 pulse repeatedly till ~340.

Yet whole day feels …

According Bible it's duty to act accordingly justice, this case, got glasses too, 0€ until rest of month, few food.

This was terrible day.

Datura Andromeda STARWHEEL

25, 35..
weeks ago, away -
there was the philosophy
alike a poem to understand
how open and visibly/nonvisibly it can be.
beyond that limiting believes, that turning point move upwards lightly nonconceptual yet s philosophy.
an individual tolerance level fully unexpected by environments.
though its restrictive lifestyle then requires else - yet it gives choices.

Datura Andromeda STARWHEEL

Martina Otto contacted, long time, so I shortly had a look you're a friend
of her.