The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Yvette and Adams, Once in Winter

Yvette and Adams, Once in Winter

Just before I go to bed
And so that we do not forget
If I may ask you once again
Why this has not been paid?
I would expect it to be done
As soon as the email (above)
Has been adjourned.

The News Is Out | We're all Saints

Please proceed and settle bills
In order to keep the proof of stake.
And thank you, once again
For all kind words except the one.

Yvette and Adams, Once in Winter STARWHEEL


Please do not continue to contact me on this issue. We will not be entering into further discussions with you. I will authorise accounts to pay your outstanding invoice now, however this is also disappointing as there are a number of items on this invoice as we have already highlighted to you which we did not contract you to do, and which we do not feel it is appropriate to pay for. However in the interests of tying up loose ends we will make payment in full.

The invitation to join our lunch
Up here sometimes is still on.
I'm forwarding this mail to all
Connected to the case somehow
And would like to see the resolution
Still before the end of holiday.

Thank you again
For your kindness.
And kind regards,

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