The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Greetings from Briss Bane

Greetings from Briss Bane

A Greeting card for You!

From another city.
From an other Land.

For all of you to live in an environmentally friendly city of their wildest dreams, to co-exist in a lively diversed society, full of lovely hearted people, following their own and comprehensibly respecting others cultures and with delightness, to share and to accommodate, to uphold and to understand, with lightning sweetness in their eyes and words, under government that serves truly humanitarian values and even kindly votes for you, when you are in need 🙂 No matter whether you are black, white or red - What else would be better?

Oh Father, into your hands he commandeth his spirit. But not thine.

Greetings from the Land of Utopia! (Reverting to some others Thomas Moore's quote as:
“My life work is an attempt to ground the pure, visionary spirit in the imperfect, intoxicating sensuousness of worldly life.” | Goldenfish Cards 2013

— in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Just for the information: I just received a phone-call that my father experienced a deadly stroke and was put to hospital where they're inducing him to an artificial coma to maintain him at life's functions. God save the queen, English use to say, but my father is stronger than any of these nations!