The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Rishidwar 2009

Rishidwar 2009

Last time was the only time that we've spent some days together. And although those days were full of trouble, that trouble was provenly a blessing of an other sort. And just in the last three days out of seven we agreed on three simple things.

Firstly, we agreed that there exists a certain treshold to the universal pain.

Next, we agreed that this world has been build for us to experience our own tresholds of pain, and to experience it to the degree of our free will in order to experiment with this world in every possible way we can and want, as it was given to us exactly for that purpose.

And lastly, we agreed that there is a certain amount of personal pain too, that it exists, and that it originates in the art of every individual and how the individual is making it out of his or her own life.
And then, we parted. We parted with pain, in pain and for it.

Swami Brahmdev hosted us in 2009 on a strict premise and for the selected number of days. And in those 7 days we were able to enjoy all the hospitality of his home to the degree that he, himself, was enjoying.

Thank you Swami Brahmdev, whoever you appear to be. It was a great favour. And I am looking forward to the next time we meet.