The longest journey begins with an open Heart




Then, you got me down onto that particular stage in the house of Pompei and told me to act. Act as nothing happened. Act as the life itself would be acting in the same ring as me. If that was me. And you wrote the script I did not agree, but had no choice than to follow it. As you said "In Pompei everyone is there to act.". And 'such is life', the audience clapped. And clapped. And I wasn't even telling what was on my heart. No. If that was me.

Echoes, Pink Floyd, Pompei

But had to read through the script. For hours and hours, for days, for months and years I had to play, and act, perform. To please. Please you. And your rule of thumb above. It had to be above. As we had to be below. And the pressure, the atmospheric pressure that your rule of thumb was having. Bringing storms to rave and vulcanoes to erupt. And finally you wiped it out. You wiped them all out. You crushed the act to the verge of oblivion. And covered it all up in vulcanic ashes. And you stripped me of substance. You took away my rights. And cast away the stage. As everything hasn't ever happened. Everything was just a stage. It was all only an act. It was intense, I must say, but short lived. And while looking back now I must add that I enjoyed it. It was actually really fun. And I did my part. You did yours. If that was only me. But now we are even. Now you can let me pass. And I am very grateful for that we have met once. And then. I don't object you crossed that poor fellow. You nailed him, I heard. Good work, I must say, good work. So typical of you. I feel good now that I know you are my friend.